N+F Slovakia/ N+F Bohemia

Since January 2020 N+F Slovakia and N+F Bohemia were proudly unveiled into the N+F Group of companies. We look forward to working with them and wish them and our new subsidiaries all the best for the future.

N+F Slovakia specialises in the Oil, Gas, Petrochem and Chemical Industries as well as Mechanical Engineering. N+F Slovakia was founded on the basis of many years experience in the sales of Metallurgical Materials. A high level of experienced staff has enabled N+F Slovakia the luxury of guaranteed flexibility and the highest level of service. N+F Slovakia is the perfect partner when searching for solutions on an emergency or shut down situation.

N+F Bohemia was founded 25 years ago and is successful in the Gas and Petrochem industries. This again is down to its experienced team of employees. Due to the individual approach to each customer N+F Bohemia demonstrates a high quality product with speedy deliveries. This applies to customers that have requirements that are specialised and above the normal standard.

The valuable expertise and experience gained with the acquisition of these companies to our group along with the logistics and in house production of N+F should enable us as a group to further expand and reach out into other markets.